Hotel Keltika Izola

Hotel in Izola near San Simon beach 

Hotel Keltika, Izola

 Hotel Keltika, Izola, located in the  attractive location near the sea  and beaches, is an ideal baseline  to explore the surrounding area  (Slovenian coast, Slovenia central  region, Croatia, Italy).
 Hotel is (motor)bikers friendly

 Our garni hotel has its own, large,  lighted and secured parking lot,  which is free for hotel guest.
 In the pleasant surroundings of  the Jagodje area of town, 500 m  from the main Izola beach,  Simonov zaliv, you will find the  Hotel Keltika, with air conditioned rooms, satellite TV, buffet breakfast, a small meeting room (up to 25 persons) and private parking.
Half anf bull board in the near restaurant.

Domestic pets of smaller breed are usually allowed at the hotel, acceptable only in rooms with the balcony. When booking, please aknowledge us in advance about the weight of your pet.

RECEPTION is open every day beetween 8.00 a.m - 8.00 p.m.
Arrivals  to the hotel room is possible until 8.00 p.m. Late arrivals must be notified in advance.

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Rooms in Hotel Keltika, Izola 

sobe.htmlIn the pleasant surroundings of the Jagodje part of town, 500 m from the main Izola beach, Simonov zaliv (San Simon), you will find the Garni Hotel Keltika.

The rooms include:   
  • toilet and shower,Sobe Izola, Hotel Keltika
  • hair dryer,
  • air conditioning and heating,
  • satellite TV,
  • refrigerator,
  • safety deposit box,
  • wireless Internet connection.

Sobe Izola, Hotel Keltika
Most rooms have a terrace or balcony. Also available are:
  • daily reception,
  • buffet breakfast,
  • small meeting room (up to 25 persons) and
  • off-road parking.
  • Half anf bull board in the near restaurant.

Izola, Slovenia 

Izola, SloveniaThe old part of town was surrounded by a wall, which was demolished in the early 19th century. Ruins were used for filling the sea between isladn and land. 

In the early 13th century Izola declared independence and became a town with its own laws and authorities.

Foto: Mandrac

Recieved Awards

Image title                Guest review Award of 8.7 in 2017 on an online booking portal
Image titleThe Award for the assessment of 8.6 in 2014, and 2015 on an online booking portal

Izola, Slovenia 

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Izola is a lively tourist town on the Slovenian coast. The architecture of the old town shows the rich history of the town, which lies on a former island and was already inhabited in the first century AD.
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